Stop being so ashamed of your past – Says Born Again Actress Tonto Dikeh as she steps out in style

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh is sure enjoying her life since she walked away from her ‘failed marriage’ .

The actress also has encouraging words for others who are in the shoes she once was today, is the day you get up and leave that victim in your own story, season. Stop being so ashamed of your past that you miss the purpose of the pain.

Understand that God needed that pain to get you where he needed you to be!Stop being so focused on who hurt you that you aren’tseeing the Wisdom that came through the hurt. Maybe just maybe God was using it to get you to an Encounter with Him.

Embrace His grace. Stop punishing yourself for your truth. Your story is going to set millions FREE!!!!! Everyone has a story… yours is gonna be a best seller!!


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