NPF is loaded with animals, shameless and criminals – Nigerian artist Scaezar. See Why

Nigerian Artist Scaezar blast Nigerian Police Force Says They are loaded with animals, shameless criminals and numerous unfortunate bastards.

Because he lost his phone to some policemen.

See what he wrote below:

Our policemen are animals, yes they are! Maybe I will apologize for this statement one day but tonight, I am completely unapologetic. These shameless criminals with ridiculous black uniforms destroyed the little faith I had left in this country. They stopped me today at Iwo road, Ibadan. They asked to check my phone and I allowed them even though they had no right whatsoever to do so. After minutes of looking through the phone and finding nothing incriminating, they asked me to follow them to their station… Why?! On what grounds?! Am I under arrest?! If yes, for what?! One of them even removed my face cap and dragged my shirt. Smh… Those bastards will not live long, somebody say Amen! 🙏 Of course I refused to follow them, so there was an hullabaloo at the scene and they refused to return my phone. It's very sad that these ANIMALS are too shallow minded to believe that some of us are not fraudsters, that some of us actually work very hard to make the stipends they try to steal from us. The Nigerian Police Force may have some good people but there are just too many uneducated and unfortunate bastards in the system. The police is absolutely not your friend! Please check my bio for my new number. God bless. 🙏 #naijapolice

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