Photos: Traffic policewoman spotted working under the rain in Ibadan

Daniel Odofin, who is based in Ibadan shared these photos of a female officer of the Nigeria Police Force identified as Maryam, controlling traffic under the rain.

“We are quick to point it out when our police do something wrong,” Odofin wrote. Today I saw a police woman in the rain, drenched and still doingher duty. Actively doing her job, despite the rain. Not running for shelter even though no one would blame her if she did.

This is the kind of person that lifts the image of the Nigerian Police Force.Her name is Maryam, I didn’t get her last name properly or her rank.

Her devotion to duty made the difference in a place synonymous with traffic gridlock on a day that isn’t comfortable.

She doesn’t have the kind of salary or allowance that our public officials boast of but she gives meaning to the title “Civil Servant”.

Help us make Maryam Opep famous, help us show others what devotion to duty is.”

See Photos below:


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