Kanye West Apologizes Again To Wiz Khalifa For Slamming His son

Kanye West has offered another apology to Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose for mentioning their sonin their Twitter feud in January — and this time, he actually sounds sincere.The 38-year-old rapper admits he feelsworse and worse about the diss everysingle day!“I really want to stress the amount of respect that I have for parents,” Yeezy said on Steve Harvey’s radio show.

“There is no concept of anyone beating up on someone else’s child or that type of concept. So, every day I feel more deeply, deeply, deeply apologetic about that concept, because I only want to put out positive, positive, positive concepts.”In case you forgot everything that went down back in January, Kanye and Wiz went at it on Twitter and ‘Ye started throwing his ex and Wiz’s baby mama, Amber, into the mix.“You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me,” the 38-year-old wrote on since deleted tweets , meaning that Amber only got with Wiz because Kanye broke up with her.

“You own waves???? I own your child,” he tweeted again.

That was when the model got involved herself — she was not having anyone talking about her son.

“Awww @kanyewest are u mad I’m not around to play in you’re a**hole anymore??.”she wrote.

Kanye has however denied liking this alleged butt play, but it was definitely a great retaliation at the time.


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