Orezi Reacts To Viral Video , orezi sleeps wuth man;s wife Of Him Being Accused Of Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife

Lol, Orezi is not keeping quiet. Though the video went viral where a man was heard accusing him of sleeping with his wife. Some of us defended him and said the lady in question must be the man’s girlfriend, because the man in question doesn’t look married! So it could be a tale of ” You are dating her and I am also dating her’. lol his management through his social media page has now addressed the situation, they said;I know you must have seen a video that is being circulated about a man who accosted Orezi after his performance in Surulere and accused him of sleeping with his wife. We implore all Orezi’s fans to ignore the video as that incident was a mischievous attempt by the man to gain cheap popularity. Orezi neither knows the man nor his wife.

Orezi is dedicated to his career at this time and will continue to work hard to give his fans good music.

Signed: Management


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