Rihanna not happy with Jay Z over ANTI album flop on Tidal?

Back in January, Rihanna’s new album Anti leaked early on Jay Z’s Tidal and debuted at No. 27 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, making it Rihanna’s lowest ever opening chart position. There were reports back then that Rihanna sol less than 1000 physical copies of the album after the leak.Since then Rihanna hasn’t said a word about the disastrous roll-out of the album but has she passively aggressively sent words to Jay Z and Tidal..?

Industry insider Johann Hay tells The Mirror“ Tidal is lame. It’s embarrassing for Jay Z. And now to see Kanye West do the Tidal album and his record doesn’t chart, and then Rihanna’s first week, it was a disaster.”“For Jay Z to make his artists do this is so bad because this is affecting their legacy.”“It’s really crazy and I know for a fact Rihanna isupset about the Tidal thing and you can see it when you go to her Twitter.” “She is a Tidal owner, but on her Twitter to pick up her album, she uses the [iTunes] app not Tidal. “That’s her shooting back because Jay Z is just making a mistake.”“ The rollout was sloppy, the rollout was bad, to go on Tidal exclusively and eliminate Spotify and Apple is absolutely mad. ”“Thirty years from now, people will just see her first week was a flop. Kanye has now been called a flop. And it’s all because of this Tidal s***.


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