Breaking News!! Gunmen Attack Governor Ikpeazu’s Convoy In Aba

The increasing state of insecurity inAba, Abia State, took a new dimensionon Wednesday night when GovernorOkezie Ikpeazu’s convoy was attackedin an encounter with armed robbers,who were robbing commuters along Aba-Owerri Road.

This is even as a yet-to-be identifiedvictim was kidnapped at ImmaculateJunction, while another is being feareddead after he was hit by stray bullet.Vanguard gathered that the incidenttook place near Immaculate Junctionalong the ever busy Aba-Owerri Road,while the governor was coming back toAba from Umuahia at 8p.m. Though nolife was lost, sources said that thesecurity details attached to thegovernor fired sporadic shots, whichscared the robbers away.Sources told Vanguard that the gunmenwere robbing a suspected Lagos boundbus, when a pilot security van withoutsiren and amber light approached thearea. On sighting the security vehicle,the gunmen were said to have openedfire without knowing that it was thegovernor’s convoy.According to a security operative in thecity, who pleaded anonymity, “therobbers did not know that it was thegovernor. They thought that it could bethe Army or police, but when theydiscovered it was the governor’s convoy with its full complement ofsecurity details, they took to their heels.“I do not think it was the governor thatthe hoodlums wanted to attack.It is just that the governor’s convoy thatwas returning from work without theusual siren and the revolving amberlight, ran into them.” Contacted,spokesman of Abia State Police Command, DSP Ezekiel Onyeke,confirmed the incident, but debunked reports that the gunmen attacked the governor’s convoy. Onyeke added thathe was yet to be fully briefed by the Chief Security Officer to the governor over the incident.