Shocking! See the Way Husband Battered Wife for Becoming Too Proud of Her Business Success (Photos)

A heartless husband who was jealous ofhis wife’s progressing business has brutally battered and injured her just to prove that he is the man. ” Why would you do this to anyone?” See Photos below:

Instagram user, Oye Ajakaiye, shared photos of this woman who was allegedlybattered by her husband at their home inLagos yesterday April 12th. According toOye, the woman said she was beaten up by her husband because he felt she was becoming very proud due to her successful trade as a hair stylist

“She has a very good braiding salon somewhere in Yaba. I’ve referred a lot of my friends to her shop!“I had to call her after i saw her post. I was hoping she will say she was involved in an accident but she said her husband did this to her!“According to her, her shop has been closed down since Friday because her husband believes she’s getting proud because she has a successful business!“I wouldn’t post this because I like to getmy facts right but i thought about her. I know her, very hardworking woman and no one should do this to anyone regardless!


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